DIA National training Days.

DIA National Training Days. The new round of National Standards Training Days are back!
We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of the National Standards! With this in mind, we are once again bringing these informative training days back to some key locations across the UK this summer.
The day is filled with real driving lesson video clips especially filmed for these days, which break down and explain key areas of the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training – an absolute essential for any trainer to know, understand and be able to apply in the training environment.
If you’ve previously attended our National Standards Training Days, this is a good chance to go over these Standards again to ensure you are meeting them every day. If you’re new to the industry, gain a comprehensive understanding of the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training to equip you to deliver driver training of the highest standard.
The National Standards for Driver and Rider Training are the blueprint of our profession – setting out the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to deliver modern driver training using a client centred approach.
Having a clear understanding of these guidelines is integral, so we’ll be breaking down each unit, translating and explaining them and discussing their role within your everyday lessons.
We use a combination of learning approaches during the day from group discussion, group activities and video clips, which break down and explain key areas of the National Standards. We’ll use these training videos to underpin our interactive sessions and discussions, with plenty of time to answer your questions around the National Standards and the Standards Check.

10am to 4pm
Registration and coffee from 9:30am

Units covered
Role 6:
Unit 1: Prepare to train learner driver/riders – legal requirements
Unit 2: Design learning programmes
Unit 3: Enable safe and responsible driving/riding
Unit 4: Manage risk to instructor, learner and third parties
Unit 5: Evaluate and develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in the driver/rider training industry
Unit 6: Develop and use a programme of role play for trainee instructors
Join us for a comprehensive look into modern driver training and how to deliver grade-A standard training each and every day